Venus in Taurus – April 2018

Venus in Taurus – April 2018

On March 31, 2018, the planet Venus, which represents love, relationships, pleasures, aesthetics, beauty, harmony, harmony, sense of value and financial matters, is moving into Taurus. Venus will continue it’s journey in Taurus until April 25th 2018. Venus is the ruler of Taurus as Venus is in domicile here. This means it is most comfortable and will show all it’s characteristics in the strongest way possible.

Taurus needs reliance and stability. During this transit, the need for peacefulness, stability, calm and ownership will increase. Taurus is the most sensual sign in the zodiac. With this energy, the senses will be highlighted and you will want to touch and smell your loved ones even more! Relations that started in this process are based on the level of trust and stability. In your life, every field that includes aesthetics, beauty and art can attract you greater interest. You are likely to indulge in pleasures more now too, but try to avoid that extra slice of cake!

Since Venus represents money and values; money can be a very important right now for you. You can spend both your investments and time. You may want to purchase high value gifts and increase your luxury spending. You may experience an increase in your self-esteem and enjoyable spending money on items to make you feel better.

The negative effects of this process are excessive interest and love to the money. In addition to this, levels of possessiveness, unnecessary ownership of things and increasing stubbornness in relations can harm your relationships but this can be offset, by balancing the positive features of Taurus. Eat together with your loved ones and enjoy the romantic/sensual pleasures which Venus in Taurus brings!

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