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What does the Sun in the 7th house Composite chart mean?
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The Composite is a Chart for Two People put together. A relationship or union, so this means that the 7th house relates to the people the two persons meet as a “couple/unit”. Instead of being reflective of their own couplehood?

On the other Hand the Composite is a midpoint Chart, and midpoints are an axis, so if their Composite Sun is in 7th house, the other end of their Sun/Sun-mp axis is in the 1st house – does it make a difference if it is the far or near midpoint?

And what if their respective Suns were exactly opposite? Doesn´t it then become hairsplitting to argue for one or the other Placement?

Textbook Meanings:

Sun in Libra/Seventh House:

The fuel of this relationship is harmony, balance, and a fair contribution by each partner. This union will also likely have lots of friends and keep a beautiful home housing great art and comfy pillows. This couple needs to make decisions together, to gather their friends, and to find peace within the chaos of life. They typically will do a lot as a couple and be very aware of and focused on the well-being of their relationship.

Taken from Keen

Composite Sun in the 7th House:

With the Composite Sun in the 7th house, this is the house of relationships and so it can be an excellent position. You can view one another as equals and treat each other as such. You can work together as real partners and work to make the relationship or partnership better. Commitment can be easier with this placement, and this house does rule marriage, so it can be good for a married couple. But even a professional relationship can benefit from this placement, and you can find you work together in a manner that’s fair and balanced.

Taken from The Dark Pixie Astrology

Taken from Love Light Astrology Forums

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