Mercury Retrograde in Aries – March 2018

Mercury Retrograde 2018

Mercury, the planet that manages communication, communication, information and decision mechanisms, is starting to move back on March 23, 2018. This process, called the Mercury Retrograde, takes place three times in a year. This time, Mercury will travel back from March 23 to April 15 in Aries.

When Mercury moves backwards, every field that Mercury represents a disruption. In this period, disruptions in communication channels, complexities in information flows, problems in electrical and electronic devices may increase. Your mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices may become corrupted, financial accounts may become confused, your travel luggage may lose your suitcases, passports, you may miss your plane, your bus, your car on the road, your valuables. Old friends, ex-lovers, past issues, unopened and unresolved situations may fall back to the agenda.

In this process, signing contracts, getting married, buying a house, selling a house, establishing a company, promise is not very healthy because Mercury directs your mind and decision mechanism. Because after Mercury returns to normal, it can break these agreements. The things you have dreamt up and started in Mercury RX are not likely to be what you want, like marriages or contracts. Once Mercury is back in motion and returned to normal, the terms of these agreements and contracts may change.

In this process, you should take care when shopping online. You may not be satisfied with what you buy. Whatever you buy, it can be delivered to you with some problems. You can witness the sale of a very high quality merchandise sold under a very high discount after the Mercury Retro process is over. Business proposals, contracts, business negotiations, if Mercury is in retrograde, these proposals and negotiations may be affected. Because it affects the flow of information, you should pay attention to the messages and e-mails you send. Your meetings and interviews can often be postponed.

As Mercury moves backwards, you should take care of your existing work as much as possible, make plans, but don’t put them into practice. You can finish your existing work and put it in the right way. Focus on projects and ideas that you have already started. In this process you can think more deeply and analyze. By doing so, you can keep an eye on your correct and incorrect decisions. You can question your past decisions. This is the period of slowing down in your life. Avoiding big steps and decisions from new ventures will be better at this stage, but great plans and projects can be started after April 15th.

Because Mercury will travel back through Aries, the things you especially want to take action for can make you tired. You can feel that you can not take action and can not act. You must be calm and focused on making plans. You must stay away from the decisions made by the intimidation and anger that Aries can bring. Making a sudden decision in this process can lead you to a feeling of regret. Your personal birth charts can also be reviewed to learn how Mercury, which will move back through Aries, can influence you.

Stay focused!
Credit to Blame It On Mercury

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