Mars in Capricorn – March 2018

Mars in Capricorn – Briefing

On March 18, Mars, the planet of battle and struggle, are passing through Capricorn. Until May 17, Capricorn will continue it’s journey in the sign. Mars is in a position of glory in Capricorn. This is because it is in exaltation here. Mars is a planet about issues such as power, fighting, hostility, competition, masculine energy, sexual power, physical power, muscle, force, war, struggle and initiative. Capricorn is a sign that represents discipline, maturity, strategies, control, working life and work.

Mars in Capricorn, you can concentrate more on your business and your responsibilities. You can command and manage your environment more easily. Your energy will not be wasted, you can easily focus on your work, and you can give your struggle about the areas you want to struggle with. Rising, getting positions, fighting for your career and business can be your agenda in this process. You can plan strategies and put them into practice in challenging jobs that require discipline. Give yourself discipline and try to act for your long-term business.

It’s a good idea to take care of your teeth, bones and skin in relation to your health. Your body may have problems with these areas. In this process, you may experience tensions with people who are tied to their traditions and who are constant and conservative. This year, Mars in Capricorn transit can be tougher than any other year. Mars will make conjunctions with Saturn and Pluto, as it continues through the sign of Capricorn. In particular, the first week and the last week of April may trigger tension, losses and major irreversible battles. Mars is the planet of action. Thinking and measuring is not appropriate for the nature of Mars. That is why you should try to protect your temper, especially during these times.

In your birth charts, the area where Capricorn is located will be active throughout this process.

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