2018 World Cup – 19th June Predictions

2018 World Cup Russia – 19th June Predictions

Hello everyone, if you have been following my predictions so far; you’ll see they have done pretty good so far. So I would like to share with you my predictions for today’s fixtures.

  • Colombia vs Japan
  • Poland vs Senegal
  • Russia vs Egypt


Matches displayed in local time

So what about these fixtures?

Colombia(1.7) vs Japan(6)

Colombia -> October 12, 1924
Japan -> May 9, 1917

Moon square Jupiter
Mercury conjunct Pluto
Mars(Rx) trine Mercury
Jupiter(Rx) trine Pluto
Saturn(Rx) trine Venus
Pluto(Rx) sextile Uranus(Rx)

Uranus conjunct Mars
Uranus sextile Pluto

Japan have a double Uranus transit which will give them a boost. However, I think that Colombia’s transits look more positive.

Based on this info, Colombia to edge this match.

Poland(2.3) vs Senegal(3.5)

Poland -> June 25, 1911
Senegal -> December 31, 1961

Moon square Moon
Uranus sextile Sun
Pluto opposite Neptune

Moon trine Mercury

Not much in this match, I am going to suggest Poland win/draw based on the data.

Russia(2.1) vs Egypt(4)
Russia -> August 16, 1992
Egypt -> December 3, 1921

Sun opposite NNode
Moon sextile Pluto
Neptune sextile Uranus
Pluto Rx sextile Pluto
NNode conjunct Mercury

Saturn RX square Saturn
NNode sextile Saturn

Russia can almost guarantee 2nd place with a win against Egypt, whilst Egypt can become the first team eliminated (depending on Uruguay-Saudi), with defeat here. The transits appear to favour Russia here. Russia win/draw.

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