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Who will win the 2017 UK Election?

Who will win the 2017 UK Election?

Find out whether Theresa May’s Tories will emerge victorious or will it be Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party to define the odds and become the next prime minister.

uk election 2017

Back History:

In the run up to the UK Election, there has been alot of hype about how things are lot different now than they ever used to before. Here is a quote for the Telegraph.

Quote from The Telegraph

Class is no longer the dividing line in British politics with the Conservatives attracting considerable support from working-class voters according to recent polling.

Some 43 per cent of C2DE voters – which includes skilled and unskilled manual labourers, casual workers and pensioners – said they intend to vote Tory in the upcoming General Election, rising just three points among ABC1 voters, who include managerial, administrative or professional workers.

The Labour Party has sunk to attracting just 24 per cent of middle class and 26 per cent of working class voters.

If you want to find the new dividing line in British politics, age is the new predictor. Generally, YouGov’s polling has found that the older you get, the more likely you are to vote Conservative.

Labour is 19 points ahead among 18-24 year-olds while the Conservatives are ahead by a huge 49 points among the over 65s.

As you can see, it is coming down to age as opposed to class.

Chart of the event:

Polling Stations across the UK, opened at 7:00am and then generally close at 10:00pm and results will start to come in across the night at 11:00pm.

uk election 2017 chart

Using the familiar methods I use to predict sports matches, such as in the Champions League Final, I will apply them here to this election chart.
The ASC is defined by the Conservative party, as they are currently in power and they are the party which called the election. Therefore the DSC party is the opposition to the Conservatives. This is Labour, Liberal Democrats,
UKIP etc.

The Cancer ASC is ruled by Moon in Sagittarius, but we must keep the Moon free from rulership; therefore the Conservatives are Jupiter in Libra because the we must take the Moon’s dispositor. Jupiter sits in the 4th house in retrograde, but strangely, it is tomorrow that Jupiter goes direct! Saturn in Sagittarius is also retrograde, but after tomorrow it still will be.

Jupiter in 4th is stronger than Saturn in 6th. Results may improved for the opposition when Saturn moves into 5th house, but Jupiter has got the advantage.

I predict that the Conservatives will maintain power of the UK Government.

There is Pluto and Neptune, both sitting on the Cusps of the DSC and MC respectively. Pluto is extreme. Either destruction or rebirth. Due to it’s retrograde motion, I suggest that now will be the time that all parties will embark on radical changes to their manifestos, especially since the new UK election will be in 2022 when the UK will have left the EU. It will also open the door to future opportunities to other parties to step up to the plate.

Neptune’s influence is a magical yet delusion view of the whole thing. If the Conservatives do win as the polls and astrology suggest, will it be through deception? Perhaps there is something that we are not being told that the government knows.

What about all the other parties?

With Labour and the Conservatves stealing the headlines, the other fighting parties UKIP, Lib Dems, Green Party and SNP are missed from the radar. I believe that all will have low key results this time around, or should I say;
expected results. Lib Dems decision for a 2nd Referendum seems to baffle people left, right and centre. However,
the SNP party will do very well in Scotland with Nicola Sturgeon on game. They could well win every single country in Scotland this time around and maybe in a few years, Scotland will get their Referendum to leave the UK.


This election could well be a defining point in the history of the UK. With Brexit, the NHS and Terrorism the 3 top priorities for the UK right now, it is sure to shape to be an important one, will the Tories lead us to victory? To a new Great Britain, or will history repeat itself?

Let’s hope for the best.

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