2017 u21 euro championship predictions

2017 U21 Euro Predictions – Group C

2017 U21 Euro Predictions – Group C. Group C contains Germany, Italy, Denmark and Czech Rep. Click on the button to see the results.

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Group C:

    Germany (5/6) –> MC –> Mercury in Gemini in 8th
    Italy (9/4) –> ASC –> Mars in Cancer in 8th
    Czech Rep (6/1) –> DSC –> Venus in Taurus in 6th
    Denmark (6/1) –> IC –> Jupiter in Libra in 10th


    Round 1: Germany vs Czech Rep — Denmark vs Italy
    Round 2: Czech Rep vs Italy — Denmark vs Germany
    Round 3: Italy vs Germany — Czech Rep vs Denmark


event chart 2017 U21 Euro Predictions Group C


    Round 1: Moon opposite Jupiter (Denmark) and moving towards trine with Mars antiscion. So looks good for Denmark win/draw. Germany to beat Czech Rep.
    Round 2: Moon trines Antiscion of Venus and sextile Antiscion of Mars (Czech Rep and Italy) they play each other, so maybe a draw. Germany to beat Denmark.
    Round 3: Moon sextiles Mercury (Germany), Czech Rep to win/draw.

    Germany (7 to 9 points)
    Czech Rep (4 points)
    Denmark (3 points)
    Italy (1 point)
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