2017 u21 euro championship predictions

2017 U21 Euro Predictions – Group A

2017 U21 Euro Championships – Group A

Here are the predictions for the upcoming U21 European Championships.

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For Group A, the bookies suggest the following:

  • England (5/6) –> MC –> Mercury in Gemini in 7th.
  • Poland (11/4) –> ASC –> Mars in Cancer in 8th.
  • Sweden (11/4) –> DSC –> Venus in Taurus in 6th.
  • Slovakia (6/1) –> IC –> Jupiter in Libra in 10th.

The fixture rounds:

  • Round 1: Sweden vs England — Poland vs Slovakia
  • Round 2: Slovakia vs England — Poland vs Sweden
  • Round 3: England vs Poland — Slovakia vs Sweden


Round 1: Moon on IC and Opposite the MC, suggests positive results for the favourites and underdogs (England and Slovakia.) Also, Moon is squaring Mercury (England) and conjunct Jupiter Antiscion (Slovakia).
Round 2: No aspects except conjunction to Mars Antiscion, so perhaps Poland win, along with Moon trine/sextile ASC/DSC. Since Poland are playing Sweden, perhaps it suggests draw or Poland win. England win/draw Slovakia.
Round 3: No aspects, so expected results. England win/draw and Sweden win/draw.

  • England (7 to 9 points)
  • Sweden (4 to 5 points)
  • Poland (3 to 4 points)
  • Slovakia (3 to 4 points)
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