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2017 Fifa Confederations Cup Group Predictions – Group B

2017 Fifa Confederations Cup Group Predictions – Group B

Hello fellow readers.

The 2017 Fifa Confederations Cup is back and with 8 fiercely competitive teams here. So, I thought I would give this tournament ago, and start predicting the matches.

The technique used here is to take the event chart of when the first match is played and then progress the position of the Moon to see what aspects it makes, and as a consequence, which teams get the advantage. This method I found on Joao Medeiros’ blog. Link here.

Here is Group B’s analysis. In my opinion, Group B look like a tougher group than Group A.

View Group A –> Group A

Group B:

Here is the list of teams who are in Group B:

  • Cameroon
  • Chile
  • Australia
  • Germany


  • Cameroon vs Chile
  • Australia vs Germany
  • Cameroon vs Australia
  • Germany vs Chile
  • Germany vs Cameroon
  • Chile vs Australia

Event Chart of Cameroon vs Chile:

Event Chart of Cameroon vs Chile


Judging from William Hill’s odds, here is the assignment of nations to angles:

  • MC -> Germany -> Mars in Cancer in 7th.
  • ASC -> Chile -> Jupiter in Libra in 9th.
  • DSC -> Cameroon -> Mercury in Gemini in 6th.
  • IC -> Australia -> Venus in Taurus in 4th.

Let’s move the Moon 5 degrees each round…

Round 1: Moon is making an opposition to Jupiter (Chile), last aspect Mars (Germany) but trines antiscion of Venus (Australia) so maybe draw or narrow defeat for Australia.
Round 2: Moon sextile antiscion of Mercury (Cameroon) so perhaps good result for them. Maybe a draw between Germany and Chile.
Round 3: Moon trine ASC/DSC and sextile Mercury. Which looks to prove that it will be good for Chile and Cameroon.

This is strange, because the 2 underdogs are both in domicile signs. Australia are in their own sign and house; so perhaps respectable performances.

So based on these results.

  • Chile (7 points)
  • Cameroon (6 points)
  • Germany (4 points)
  • Australia (0 points)

Remember this is experimental, nothing is certain yet!

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