Rare Astrological Event: Venus transits the Sun

Rare Astrological Event: Venus transits the Sun

“The last Transit of Venus happened on June 5 – 6, 2012. It won’t happen again in our lifetime! It is the rarest predictable astronomical event, occurs 4 times every 234 years!”


Want to see a video of this amazing transit happen?

Click here: The Sun Today – Sun/Venus Transit

How it looked Astrologically:

Click here to view Geocentric Chart of Sun/Venus Transit.

In addition to the Sun/Venus conjunction, you can see that Venus has it’s own geocentric north node was aligned with at 16.30 Gemini!

What do Venus nodes mean?

Taken from Learn About Astrology
Venus nodes signify relationships, extravagance and artistic talents.

Event Chart:



As a result of past Sun/Venus transits, it supposedly would mean that was a defining moment for humanity, when Venus transited the sun.

It has been rumoured to indicate “divine femininity”.

But the chart has:

  • Sun square Mars (chart ruler)
  • Cap moon conjunct Pluto
  • Aries ASC-Uranus square moon-Pluto

However these are predominantly Male-oriented planets and aspects, so it is likely we will have to wait another few hundred years for the next transit to occur!!

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